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The higher you want to jump, the better you need to stand before jumping - Exam tips for every student

Have you ever experienced butterflies in the stomach when exams are approaching. Most of us do experience stress and anxiety during the exams. Because it’s a test of how much aware we are about the world around us. We cannot avoid exams. Nevertheless, we can prepare ourselves and hold our ground firmly so that the exams are not a stressful occurring, many times a year.

What do we need to do?

Early to bed, early to rise, makes you happy, healthy, and wise!

Go to bed early and that will make you wake up early. Just when the sun drops its first ray on earth, when the birds start chirping, is the most influential time of the day. We must use it to our advantage. Waking up early keeps you ahead of the time, and you don’t feel agitated or tired. Also, you can have your breakfast without a hurry and also get sufficient time for last-time revisions.

Reaching on time at the exam centre and checking the venue

What if you are in a hurry and reach the centre late. You might need to rush to find the venue or your seat. This hampers our positive state of mind. Moreover, you should be mindful of the vehicle or means of transport that will help you reach the exam venue. Imagine being ready for exam and finding the car out of shape to even drive you for 100 metres! Getting late in the exam is the last thing one would want. So it’s better to check the vehicle and commute route beforehand.

Freshen yourself up before the exams

Feeling a thirst or needing to use the washroom during the exam, will result in waste of precious time. Also, using the washroom in the first hour might not be allowed. So to keep yourself hydrated and focused, freshen yourself up before you sit in the exam hall.

Be careful while writing down crucial information

Just like answering the questions, it is equally important to enter the right information that will help the teacher and the examiner identify its your copy he/she is looking at. You don’t want your efforts to be wasted, just because the examiner could not identify it was your answer book!

Read the question paper carefully

Not reading the question paper carefully may give us incomplete idea of what the question is about. Reading the question paper thoroughly gives us a fair idea of what all we need to tell and helps us in identifying the amount of time we need to reproduce all what we know on the answer sheet. Moreover, you also get an idea about how much time you need to spend in the first half. Time management is the very essential during the exams, and that is why using it in the best possible way is even more important.