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Regular Courses
Maths and English form the building blocks of a child’s education. They open up the doors to all other subjects. Whether you are looking to build confidence, fill gaps in learning or stretch and challenge your child, EdRex can help you achieve your goals with our most experiencing teachers.
The Primary Regular Course is the program that is offered to all students from Kindergarten through to Year 6. These courses continue throughout the year (regardless of school holidays) and are designed to further develop and expand students’ knowledge and understanding of fundamentals in all subject areas.

The subjects offered to primary students doing the Regular Course are :

Our face-to-face English classes specifically targets the key points that must be understood in the syllabus and aims to convey these points across to our students in the clearest manner possible. It develops a student's reading comprehension skills, vocabulary and grammar skills which also play an important role in many other subjects
The mathematics course that we provide is aimed at helping your children become the most complete mathematicians they can be. We don’t believe in them only excelling in one subject, instead, we think that it is important that they become all-rounded so that they don’t have particular weaknesses that can hold them back in exams and life.
Starting from basics, this course works up to challenging levels of problem-solving
Thinking Skills:
improves the student's ability to reason logically
Writing Practice:
an essential part of studying the English language, which gives a student confidence in his/her writing and general communication skills
The Regular Course classes run for an hour each.
EdRex's Tuition centre is vibrant, energetic learning space. A club away from school and home where children can hone their maths and English skills with an expert coach by their side.