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Opportunity Test
Opportunity Classes (OC) are accelerated streams designed to accommodate for academically gifted students in Years 5 and 6. By grouping high achieving students together, these classes aim to provide a more challenging learning environment.
Students must undertake the Opportunity Class Placement Test during Year 4 in order to qualify for entry for an OC class in one of NSW’s public primary schools.

The test will be a three-part paper based multiple choice examination:

  • Reading (30 minutes) - 25 questions
  • Mathematical Reasoning (40 minutes) - 35 questions
  • Thinking Skills (30 minutes) - 30 questions
Each section will be tested in the order as listed above with short breaks between them. Questions from each topic will be at a higher level of difficulty than what students will have attempted at school.
Our face - to - face classes for Years 3 and 4 focus on teaching students the basics in order to build a strong foundation for the OC (Opportunity Class) Placement Test, Selective Test and beyond.
Our small group classes have a maximum of 9 students - meaning students get personalised guidance from our teachers in a supportive learning community.