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The core purpose and objective of our teaching is to unleash the potential in every child and empower them in their learning journey to excel at academics and values, which will go a long way in making them independent learners and thinkers. An aware individual is more capable of planning the vision of their life ahead. We encourage learners to think and reason to be motivated to try their best. We provide expert training from friendly tutors committed to enhancing and simplifying learning.

We believe every learner has a unique way of grasping the knowledge being imparted to them. Providing them support in their learning through our dedicated and committed tutors, and instilling in them confidence with the help of informational and educational tools that empower them to pursue their goals and serve the community, is how we look at the fundamental purpose of education.

We have a team of motivated and trained educators and professionals that focus on students' individual needs. They are well equipped with resources and technology and are up to date with the current educational and learning challenges.

Teachers who are energetic and understand students' needs are the ones who bond best with the students that they cater to. This is why we also have tertiary and budding teachers on board, who are highly dedicated to making learning fun and engaging.

Group tutoring provides an excellent opportunity for students to have a dynamic discussion and competitive learning environment. They also learn collaborative teamwork because of the activities and tasks they are given. It also provides a more affordable option for learning.

We focus on the learning needs of every student and adapt to their way of grasping information. We try to capture the learning gaps and revise the topics taught in the school. The weekly assessments and the learners' feedbacks are a yardstick for determining the direction of efforts we put into our teaching methodologies.

We match the learner with the most relevant tutor. If for any reason, there is a need to change the tutor who caters to a learner, the parents/ guardians are always kept in touch and updated whenever any potential changes are made.

Regarding the individualised learning goals, one is better than the other depending upon the needs of the learners. The tutors, lesson plans and teaching methodologies provide us with an option that the learners can avail themselves of by choosing either.

The maximum strength of students in any group class is 5.

All the sessions that we delivered are live.

We have extensive training that the teachers undergo to ensure the learners' learning goals and academic excellence are enhanced. Our tutors work with a student-centric approach at the core and are handpicked, upbeat and passionate. They undergo professional and personal development training regularly. They serve the learners with an intent to make them, in turn, willing and capable of serving the community at large.

The child is required to bring the necessary stationery and exercise books. A calculator is required for maths class. And an eagerness to learn!

You can go to the register section on the website and fill in the necessary details. After you click on the submit button, the details will be verified, and you will be contacted at the time of your convenience provided in the form.

The teacher-student ratio in the schools sometimes results in struggles to cater to the needs of individual learners, as the focus is the group goals.

Once enrolled, the learner will get an option to choose their preferred date and timings for the sessions. Subsequently, a link will be shared with the learner. The link can be opened on any smartphone, laptop, or tablet. This will land them in the class. If the learner faces any technical issue, our dedicated technical team will give the necessary support and guidance.

We have a team of highly professional and learned educators who develop well-researched and up-to-date educational resources. The workbooks, solutions, practice sheets, and every assessment and learning resource follow strict criteria, and it is ensured they are designed in a way that supports school learning.

In case a learner cannot attend any scheduled class for unavoidable reasons, we provide a make-up class at the requested time and date.

We provide an early bird discount on the study packages that we offer.

Keeping pace with technological advancements, we provide tools that encourage discussion and maximum participation of learners in live classes. This is to ensure the student gets the same learning experience they get in the classroom.

- Whiteboards to solve problems together
- Screen sharing allows students to share their workings, diagrams, queries, etc.
- Chat option to make sure the student can put up any query or confusion on a real-time basis.
- Breakout rooms