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Empowering young minds
Tell me, and I'll forget. Teach me, and I'll remember. Involve me, and I'll learn.
"Benjamin Franklin"
At EdRex, independent learners are our goal. Every individual has a unique way of grasping the same information. It thus becomes even more important to be empathetic and flexible in the teaching-learning journey with all our learners. With the learner-centric attitude, we, as a team, ensure that the student gets to see how the learning that he or she is incorporating is useful. Coupled with the demonstration of practical utility, we encourage students to ask questions. Once they start getting confident about the how's and why's of the fundamentals of the subject, our next focus is on practice and assessments. With the distinct goal and the support of our top tutors, we focus on building and grooming and inspiring the learners to be – independent learners.
Our Aim
With the above intent, our team is dedicated to making learning easily available and accessible to all. Our online learning service comes as a great advantage to students who find commuting a challenge due to various reasons. Face-to-face learning, on the other hand, gives a chance to students to study in a group or individually. The reason being our firm belief that every learner is created unique. Having options to choose from results in the proper utilisation of resources and effective use of the same for promoting the attitude of self-management. We believe the right attitude and expertise with the challenges of teaching-learning would go a long way in adding values to the learners' academic and moral enrichment.
Our Objectives
  • To understand each learner's needs and deliver the knowledge in the most effective manner, which is assessed regularly through tests and assessments.
  • To utilise the interests of learners to link with the world around and correlate with the academics.
  • To instil the practice of time management among learners.
  • To encourage thinking and probing skills.
  • To keep the learner at ease and motivated with respect to the curriculum.
Our Mission & Vision
It is the trust we build through knowledge deliverance and hands-on practice that we count upon. Providing with no limitations the way your child can collaborate with us in his/her journey towards being empowered and independent as a learner, we strive to provide quality education in the manner that is most effective and comfortable for your child. The various tools that we use for enhancing and encouraging academic awareness, such as face-to-face teaching, online tutoring, group activities, homework help and support - are all aimed at making the learners independent and confident. It is said, "Knowledge is Power." And we believe in that. Contributing towards the development of more aware learners, who are academically and morally sound, will go a long way in grooming kids who have the intent and capability of giving back to the community – is our Vision.
In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.,

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”

We invite you to join with us in the pursuit of spreading the wisdom of self-belief and academic excellence!