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Safeguarding Policy
We at EdRex have a zero-tolerance approach to child exploitation or abuse. We recognize that it is the shared responsibility of all adults to prevent child exploitation and abuse. The policy is principles-based and includes expectations from our staff and Business Partners, independent consultants and whosoever engages the children to meet business obligations arising out of the principle obligations of EdRex, to mitigate and manage risk to children.
EdRex staff and Business Partners must familiarize themselves with this policy and its principles. They are bound by EdRex’s Code of Conduct and Ethics Manual, as updated from time to time.
EdRex will ensure:
  • Effective implementation of the policy in line with the guiding principles of all legal & compliance standards, as per the best practices in the market.
  • Regular review of the policy at routine intervals as prescribed.
  • Any non-compliance and breach of the code of conduct are responded to, in a timely & appropriate manner.
  • Periodic review of processes and practices adopted by/ on behalf of EdRex.
  • Continues training and professional development of staff and associates.
  • All staff adhere to the best behavior that is to be said as a role model for the children.
  • All guidelines in various documents are adhered to in the best possible and practical situations.
  • Children are joint responsibility, therefore EdRex expects that all online sessions are monitored by the parents.
  • All obligations/expectations from legal guardians will be adhered to and from time-to-time instructions issued by EdRex will be followed.