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Face-to-face teaching
Face-to-face teaching is the most effective way of imparting education, and it is easier for a pupil to use visual cues. Communication has fewer barriers, and being aware of the body language of the students is very effective in adapting to students' needs and adjusting according to the learner's pace. The learner and the teacher are mentally well-prepared and meet at a fixed place at a set time. The teaching session can be 1-on-1 or a group session as per the choice of the learner/guardian.

Some tools that we use to the best advantage of students are:

  • Demonstrations
  • Debates
  • Polling
  • Role-play
  • Presentations
  • Problem-solving and Promoting team spirit
  • Collaborative solutions
  • Individual thinking and analysis
Unless a belief is tested, it fails to get stronger and withers out with time. To understand how well the information being imparted is being absorbed by students to their best utility and practical application in the world around, we make sure to assess the learner's knowledge from time to time in a regular manner. Class tests, weekly tests and monthly tests allow students to cross-check the learning they have gone through and helps the guardian and the teacher to assess the effectiveness of teaching strategies and the adjustments thereof, as and when needed.
Homework help and support
We provide an easy and affordable way of assisting students with their homework. How is it not spoon-feeding? Well, we believe in enriching the students and ensuring they are able to reproduce the support provided on their own. This requires an understanding of the task and the solutions. Independent learners are at the core of every service we provide, and with the scaffolding and support we provide, students are able to become just that.
Regular Courses
Our regular courses are aimed at supporting the students with their academic goals, in sync with the school's teaching. We work towards plugging the knowledge and practice gaps that help learners keep up-to-date with school teaching.
Practice and stretching, on the other hand, ensure that the learners get enough practice on the concepts they acquired over time, ultimately resulting in keeping them at ease with respect to the exams and the curriculum.
Exam Preparation
We put our expertise and resources to the best use so that exams are fun. They can be stressful at times, but if the learner is well aware of the curriculum and able to manage time and resources effectively, coupled with sufficient practice, they are bound to give their best, which is exactly what our exam preparation service focuses on.
The National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy exam is taken by a wide variety of students all over the country. The reading, writing and numeracy skills that are tested are our core focus in the courses aimed at NAPLAN. Enriching the students with essential information, as well as their application coupled with time management, is what we aim for the learners enrolled in the program.